Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Public School

Affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi  (Code-1630731)

Amarjit Singh Chahal

M.A. (Eco.,Pbi.), B.Ed.


From the desk of Managing Director

School education is paramount in the life of a child. Life today is a medley of complexities and challenges. School education aims at making children socially productive and responsible beings. The school makes a child capable of responding to the needs of the modern times.

He has to think critically, analyze and give a smart output. Needless to say that globalization is an entity present in every sphere of Society and education is no exception. According to educationists, our current system has become obsolete and outdated. Stressful examinations, heavy bags, tight schedules, focus on rote learning, undue pressure to be all-rounder, meeting unrealistic demands of parents, teachers, peer-groups and society at large. In this mad-race to nowhere, the innocent childhood gets a back-seat. In short, life for a present day student is 'Stress-Personified'.

However, the aim of the education is to encourage the students to evaluate their experiences, to foster the spirit of enquiry, to investigate, to be inquisitive and feed the inherent curiosity and to think independently.

To de-stress the entire educational scenario, CBSE has brought about various reforms in examination system and evaluation scheme which will be implemented. It is a known fact that children learn in a variety of ways. For instance, through experimentation, by doing, reading, discussions, listening, asking,  thinking, reflecting or simply by expressing. In order to have a comprehensive evaluation, along with Scholastic areas, scholastic skills have been blended in the learning process. The idea is to pass a healthy as well as dynamic educational system that trains the student to become a balanced personality comprising of Intelligent Quotient as well as Emotional Quotient.

I wish you a very fruitful session.


Amarjit Singh Chahal

Managing Director / Chairman